How to Use and Charter

Use Scenes

Sightseeing Tour

When you travel along with many people, charterd bus is the best way to go sightseeing!
You can enjoy talking, drinking and eating while traveling by everyone.

Airport Transfer

You have a large luggage? No Problem!
Our bus has large luggega rooms. In addition, you can travel without transfer so you don't have to carry your heavy luggage while you allive your destination.


You can go directly to your destination by bus!
The car equipped microphone and display, therefore you can have a meeting while traveling.

And More...

The bus suitable for your travel scenes when you move many people.
It's up to you! Feel free to charter our tourist bus.

Chartering Flowchart

How to charter a bus.

1. contact

The price ware calculated by car size, departure site, destination, season and day of week. Please feel free to contact us.

2. Make arrangement

We confilm your wish to arrange the itinerary, and make estimate.

3. Consider

Please consider with your travel companion.

4. Reservation

When you make reservation, we assuer and block the bus.

5. Payment

Please pay before you ride a bus as a matter of principle.
We accept your desired way of make payment.
Please feel free to ask us when you contact us.

6. Arrival

We will go to pick up you the place you want to.
Airport have a special pickup point.
Please ask us your departure point when you contact us.

7. Travel

Enjoy your travel by comfort bus with high standard safety.

8. Departure

Please take care of your bilongings.
Thank you for chose Tokiwa Kotsu Tourist Bus!